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The Key Takeaways
of 6AMLD





The regulation has changed a lot since 5AMLD came into the role and to take it further with more strict and regulated compliance rules, the EU has introduced 6AMLD. Check out the structured model of 6AMLD

Anti Money Laundering Directive (AMLD) is a set of procedures and regulatory provisions issued by the European Union (EU) that contains certain rules to implement Anti-Money Laundering(AML) and Counter-Terror Finance(CTF) procedures by EU member states.

The 6th Anti Money Laundering directive aims at protecting the financial system by mandating requiring procedures for prevention, detection, and investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Download our infographic to learn how KYC Hub mandates regulatory requirements and follows best compliance practices to fight financial crime.

1. Special Introduction of 6AMLD
2. Three Structure Model of 6AMLD that is introduced by EU with more strict rule and penalty
 of 6AMLD to fight financial crime



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