AI-based Risk Detection and Automation for AML and Fraud

Experience impactful risk analysis with diverse data sources, real-time monitoring, and uncover hidden connections using our adverse media engine.

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Workflow Automation and Decisioning

Effortlessly create custom workflows and interfaces with no-code builders, and leverage advanced decision automation using 100+ preset rules.

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Real-time Global AML and Corporate Screening

Leverage 100k+ global data sources, directly integrate with corporate registries, and employ advanced network risk engines for accurate risk assessments.

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Unified Onboarding, Monitoring, Risk Detection, and Decisioning

Discover comprehensive onboarding, real-time risk monitoring, customizable insights, automated decision-making, and streamlined case management in one solution.

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Why KYC Hub?

Because we deliver an integrated modular approach to compliance

Leverage an end-to-end integrated system that manages the full financial crime lifecycle, offering seamless onboarding, monitoring, and dynamic risk detection in one comprehensive platform. Our cutting-edge solution streamlines your compliance processes, ensuring effective and adaptable risk management. Choose our all-in-one compliance solution for a powerful, adaptable, and efficient approach to managing your organization's financial crime risks.

End To End Integrated Infrastructure

AI-Based Risk & Compliance Applications



No-code configurable platform to enable orchestrating identity, compliance, and decision flows for any use case


Global Verification Portal

The building blocks to verify, understand, and monitor customers throughout their entire lifecycle


FinCAI Knowledge Graph

Global knowledge graph of high-risk entities, with continuous updates and advanced risk detection

Numbers That Speak for Themselves


5 seconds

Verification in less than 5 seconds ensuring swift and efficient verification for enhanced compliance.


200+ Countries

Unfettered coverage across 200+ countries with support in over 150+ languages


40-55% Reduction

Most of our customers experienced 40-55% reduction in compliance costs


10,000+ ID

99.1% accurate AI-powered document verification with 10,000+ ID types supported

Global Verification

Gain a competitive edge with swift global customer verification and painless onboarding through a variety of seamless methods.

Dynamic Workflow

Harness KYC Hub's dynamic workflow automation to navigate the evolving risk and regulatory environment, fueling customer acquisition and growth. Embrace a customizable, adaptable onboarding and verification process, featuring pre-built templates, custom questionnaires, and AI-assisted streamlining, while maintaining flexibility and centralized monitoring for efficient financial crime management.

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Decisioning and

KYC Hub provides an integrated solution for operational efficiency and efficient risk management. Leveraging custom-defined rules and AI-powered infrastructure, we minimize human error and automate decision-making and operational processes, providing a seamless and efficient KYC compliance journey.


KYC Hub delivers all-encompassing customer risk assessments and dynamic scoring. By unifying static, behavioral, and profile data from various sources, we provide tailored risk insights. Enhance decision-making and mitigate threats with our advanced solution.

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KYC Hub empowers financial institutions with no-code rule creation, dynamic risk ratings, and seamless compliance. Our adaptable monitoring keeps pace with emerging technologies and fraud methods, while the intuitive dashboard simplifies risk management and regulatory adherence, ensuring unhindered growth.

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AML Screening and

Experience continuous worldwide monitoring, immediate alerts, rapid checks, and adverse media insights for customer screening against sanctions, PEPs, and watchlists, ensuring effective risk management and compliance.

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Use Cases

Explore KYC Hub's diverse use cases, showcasing our versatile solutions that cater to various industries and compliance needs, empowering businesses to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory adherence with confidence.

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What our clients say?

"KYC Hub: An Exceptional Partner for Secure and Cost-Effective Operations"

KYC Hub exceeds all expectations, offering cutting-edge technology and top-notch service. Their system has drastically reduced our operational costs. Their robust data security protects sensitive customer information. We see KYC Hub not just as a provider, but as a strategic business partner.

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Chief Information Officer Financial Services Company

"Revolutionizing Customer Verification with KYC Hub"

With KYC Hub, customer verification has been revolutionized. Their AI technology ensures speed and precision. The platform is user-friendly, making compliance easier. It’s a tool that provides confidence in our compliance.

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Head of Customer Onboarding Fintech Startup

"KYC Hub: Efficiency, Accuracy, and Unmatched Support"

KYC Hub has revolutionized our operations with increased speed and accuracy. Their system is intuitive and their support is responsive. Customer onboarding has never been smoother. Thanks to KYC Hub, we can serve our customers better.

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Operations Manager Private Bank

"KYC Hub Simplifies Regulatory Compliance with Streamlined, User-friendly Solutions"

Before KYC Hub, compliance was a struggle for our financial institution. Today, their all-in-one solution has streamlined our processes. It ensures we’re always ahead in the compliance landscape. I highly recommend KYC Hub for its smart, secure, and reliable KYC management.

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Compliance Officer Financial Institution

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