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KYC Solutions

The Unified Platform For End-to-end Individual And Business Onboarding And Monitoring.

 KYC Hub's end-to-end customer onboarding and screening platform delivers automated tools and up-to-date advanced insights that enable compliance teams to protect against fraud and financial crime while reducing false positives, customer friction, and manual work. Helping financial institutions and many other services with identity verification, transaction monitoring, AML checks, KYC crypto and more. Offer a fantastic customer experience whilst maintaining customer due diligence measures with our KYC solutions.

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Why KYC Hub?

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Uncover Hidden Risks

Have a full view of the customers and make better decisions using the full range of proprietary connected KYC Hub data. Discover hidden connections and proactively manage upcoming risks by getting a dynamic 360-degree view of your customer, supplier, employee, partner, or any other interest entity. Identify the true customer's identity, stop money laundering risks, and carry out business verification easily.

All In one intregration platform

Reduce Overhead With Our Integrated Platform

Avoid contending with multiple messy workflows, manual processes, and transferring data across systems. Get further automated insights, alerts, and updates when needed and comply with various AML/CFT, KYC, and other regional directives without using multiple systems and workflows. 

System IntegrationReduce False Positives With Advanced Insights

Significantly reduce false positives and the manual work associated with investigating such false alarms by using KYC Hub's data and insights that are harnessed through acquiring data from millions of online sources and using advanced NLP, network analysis, and entity resolution.

Real Time DataIncrease Accuracy With Our Real-Time Connected Data

KYC Hub's data is updated in real-time. We continuously scan watchlists, registries, news media, blogs, and many other data sources from across the globe. KYC Hub's advanced network analysis algorithms detect connections, risks, and relationships so that our clients have the most updated meaningful insights without dealing with false positives.

System Integration

Quick Integration

No more lengthy processes and contending with multiple vendors. Use our code-free integration and customize through tens of configurable risk levels, reporting details, and many other options. KYC Hub has multiple integration options, from code-free FEAS to quick REST API integrations. Our solution can be deployed entirely from the cloud, hybrid, and on-premises based on your requirements. 

global complianceGlobal Coverage

KYC Hub provides a global and multi-lingual solution for your compliance needs. We are connected to global data sources and can verify individuals and business entities from over 190 jurisdictions.

Ready to transform your compliance, client onboarding & monitoring processes?

Discover The Technologies Of Our KYC Solutions

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KYC Hub uses NLP algorithms to detect entities, and relationships, classify news and draw insights to reduce false positives significantly.

System Integration


Our integration-ready approach makes using KYC Hub easy and straightforward; choose between code-free integration and advanced APIs. Helping financial institutions to have an uninterrupted workflow.

Facial Biometrics


KYC Hub's proprietary computer vision technology allows for ID and identity fraud detection, facial matching and video analysis in seconds. With ongoing monitoring, lower your customer risk issues.

Fuzzy network


Our network analytics algorithms enable us to decipher hidden connections among entities and ensure all risks are exposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The KYC Solution Work?
Through AI tools and computer-based programmes, KYC solutions quickly establish a range of identity verification measures to manage risk better. The KYC process is quick and easy.
What Is A KYC System?
KYC stands for know your customer and is a customer onboarding solution that allows you to run identity verification procedures to avoid potential financial crimes or identity issues. It reduces risk factors associated with identity-based services.

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