Why Trust KYC Hub?

Onboard Customers with Ease

Minimize onboarding friction and simplify customer onboarding by managing sanctions, PEPs, and high-risk clients with KYC Hub's cutting-edge technology, saving time and cost without requiring bank intervention. The streamlined onboarding process enhances customer experience and ensures fraud prevention by providing regulatory compliant solutions.


Reduce False Positives

With its data-driven approach, KYC Hub generates richer insights that reduce false positives. The advanced entity resolution and network analysis techniques employed by KYC Hub ensure precise matching for raised alerts, resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.


We Help You Stay Compliant, Always

Our data-driven approach reduces false positives by generating richer insights. KYC Hub's advanced entity resolution and network analysis techniques ensure precise matching for raised alerts


Offer Banking as a Service To Your Customers Without Worrying About Compliance

Banking as a Service (BaaS) offers regulatory-compliant solutions that provide flexibility to banking and fintech partnerships. With KYC Hub’s modular solutions, banks can now integrate with ease. Partnering with KYC Hub to manage these complex compliance functions would enable banks to focus on their core competencies while ensuring regulatory compliance. In this new age of growth, partnering with banks, fintech can offer a wider range of services, access established customer bases, and leverage existing banking infrastructure.

The banking industry is experiencing significant disruption from non-bank entities, such as technology companies and fintech. Partner with KYC Hub to quickly build an innovative financial services ecosystem without having to worry about the high costs of regulatory compliance. KYC Hub offers banks the opportunity to compete by providing flexible and innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of customers and the ever-evolving regulatory laws. With the increasing demand for digital banking services, KYC Hub can assist retail and commercial banks alike to shape the future of banking.

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Reduction in False Positives


Reduction in Alerts Closing Time


Reduction in Operating Costs

Digital bank cuts costs and boosts efficiency with KYC Hub, solving AML compliance issues.

Top digital bank AML compliance with KYC Hub while expertly managing 5M+ transactions annually.

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