Unleashing the Power of Data for Enhanced

Experience the FinCAI, a revolutionary knowledge graph that transforms the way businesses visualize and understand hierarchical relationships and hidden risks. With its unique emphasis on high risk entities and individuals, FinCAI is an essential tool for a dynamic and proactive approach to detection of money laundering risks


Globally Connected Data

With its data streaming and predictive analytics capabilities, FinCAI’s risk monitoring adapts to evolving risks, allowing organizations to respond quickly and effectively changes, including network risks associated with customer relationships and transactions. This feature makes FinCAI invaluable for industries with strict regulatory compliance requirements and gives peace of mind by providing an dynamic and adaptive view. By constantly mapping and analyzing authoritative data from enforcement agencies, global authorities, news media, and corporate registries, FinCAI enables you to identify and address high-risk entities, thereby ensuring adherence to regulations and minimizing risk exposure.

Stay Ahead with the Most
Current AML Data

FinCAI Knowledge Graph provides real-time updates from all major AML data sources (PEP, RCA, sanctions, watchlists, leaks, and more) automatically, ensuring comprehensive coverage and up-to-date information. This competitive edge enables businesses to make informed decisions and take proactive measures before dealing with high risk entities. FinCAI's real-time updates make it an invaluable asset for effective risk management, policy enforcement, and compliance reporting.


Graph Analytics For
Network Risk Detection

Quickly discover an entity or individual’s risk profile from its profile, reputation, transactions, behaviour, and network. Use KYC Hub’s Customer Risk Rating Engine in conjunction with FinCAI to get the most relevant data analysis and risk insights. By leveraging FinCAI's advanced analytics and visualization capabilities, businesses can quickly identify high-risk relationships, assess the potential impact of non-compliance, and take proactive steps to mitigate these risks.


Adverse Media and
Negative News

Accelerate your analysis and gain the most up to date and proactive information about an entity or individual’s risk profile through analysis of adverse media from millions of articles and thousands of credible global sources


Seamless Integration with KYC Hub’s Ecosystem

Optimized for KYC and AML compliance, FinCAI Knowledge Graph enhances KYC Hub's platform, offering businesses even more robust tools for early detection and mitigation of fraud and money laundering risk.


Revolutionizing Risk
Management and Compliance

with Unmatched Features


KYC Hub maintains an audit trail, tracking historical changes and search records, ensuring access to past entity information, such as PEP list status changes.


Get access to graph visualization of complex relationships and corporate structures.


Continuously updated in real-time and from all data sources.


Authoritative data - data is linked to the original source documents from the official source.


Empower your compliance team with investigative ability for in-depth investigation.


Detect hidden connections and risks thereby positioning you to take smarter decisions.

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