The New Standard In Enhanced Due Diligence

Automate compliance and manage operational risk using real time financial crime data and insights

Customer Onboarding and Screening

Accelerate customer due diligence and automate your compliance process using our proprietary enriched database that scans thousands of global sources and builds insights on the go. Accelerate customer onboarding and make remediations more intelligent without a backlog of false positives. KYC Hub combines easy workflow software with our proprietary risk-based smart database to significantly reduce compliance costs or and make customer due diligence straightforward and seamless. Learn more about our KYC , Corporate Due Diligence, AML Checks.


AML Transaction Monitoring

Monitor customers and perform enhanced due diligence using our intelligent transaction monitoring tool. We help you significantly reduce false positives while simultaneously recognize illicit transaction patterns not identified by rule based systems and manual processes. Reduce compliance costs and digitally transform your transaction monitoring system to make the faster and more intelligent risk decisions.


Corporate Checks

Much more than just tick in the box, we scan thousands of data sources to give our clients a 360-degree picture of a company. We not only include basic company details like owners and status, but also key shareholders, beneficiary owners, associates, links, and involved jurisdictions. Our extensive high-quality data monitors adverse news and changes in the corporate structure and ownerships to provide an adaptive risk based approach to perform ongoing due diligence on your clients and partners, stay compliant and protect your reputation.


Know Your Customer

Accelerate your client onboarding using KYC Hub's Know Your Customer (KYC) solution. Perform real-time identity, address, age, and ID verification, as well as biometric matching with unparalleled accuracy and seamless integration. Our KYC solution supports documents from over 180 countries and multiple languages.Combine our KYC solution with AML Monitoring and Corporate Checks to fully comply with due diligence requirements for both natural and legal persons.


Ready to transform your compliance, client onboarding & monitoring processes?

Why KYC Hub ?

Flexible Integration

Automate Compliance

Digitally transform your anti money laundering programmes and take advantage of KYC Hub's workflow, remediation, and reporting system to achieve cost savings and focus on risk mitigation

A Variety of Modes

Real Time Data

KYC Hub's data is updated in real time. We continuously scan lists from across the globe so that our clients have the most updated information and can make time sensitive decisions

Global Verification

Global Coverage

We are connected to global data sources and can verify individuals and business entities from over 180 countries. We perform all the standard checks in the regions that you operate in, and in multiple languages

All-In-One Compliance


Comply with various anti money laundering, KYC, and other regional directives without the use of multiple systems. Integrate seamlessly and customize through tens of configurable risk levels reporting details, and many other options


Advanced Drilldown

Smart Proprietary Data

Use smart data with real time updates to get a better view of your customers. Optimize risk and get to know your customers in a dynamic way while reducing false positives, accelerating remediations, complying with due diligence rules, and generating easy internal and regulatory reports.

Graph Relationship Investigative Tool

Seamless Integration

Our developer first approach makes integration easy and straightforward. Choose from integrating with a single RESTful API with fast and reliable two-way communication or use our cloud based microservices platform for a more customized integration with your enterprise solution.