Automating Risk Assessment and KYC Processes for Insurance Industry

With the added pressure of increased jurisdiction and regulatory compliance, as well as scalability concerns, it's essential to avoid fraudsters and duplicated accounts in seconds. With KYC Hub you can track regulatory changes and mitigate risks.

Our solutions simplify the KYC processes and keep you compliant with updated insurance regulatory changes, resulting in increased sign-ups and a smoother onboarding process. Leverage KYC Hub to scale up with ease anytime and anywhere.

Delivering Compliance With Insurance Regulations

Automate KYC Processes

Automate insurance KYC with AI/ML for streamlined customer data collection, and verification. Generate profiles based on customer data, allowing for efficient decision-making and compliance with watchlists and sanctions.


Drive Operational Efficiency

With automated AML processes, compliance checks, and regular monitoring you can create better user experience, add value to customers, and drive operational efficiency.


Risk Assessment & Profiling

Identify and flag high-risk customers, and generate risk profiles based on customer data. Our solution will allow for more efficient and effective decision-making, enabling you to minimize risks and comply with regulatory requirements


Safeguard against reputational damage

Safeguard your company against frauds at every level that could result in reputational damage if left unchecked. Leverage comprehensive risk profiles and keep yourself a step ahead of the potential risks.


Superior Reporting & Audit Trails

Leverage automated tools to track and monitor customer data and transactions. Identify potential risks and areas for improvement. Easy record keeping and management with a complete audit trail for all customer interactions and compliance activities


Improve Customer Experience

Remove unnecessary barriers to create amazing customer experiences. Automated, flexible, and customisable onboarding processes designed to help you improve onboarding experience.


Transforming Digital Insurance By Reinventing KYC and Identity Verification

Move away from manual KYC and Identity Verification processes. KYC Hub offers streamlined onboarding and automated KYC checks to help you onboard substantially more customers by giving them a true digital insurance experience.

Verify customer information from their government ID’s against 1000s of watchlists in close to 200 countries and territories. Deliver a frictionless customer experience with real-time document verification. Enhance security and identify fraudulent customers with ease.



Reduction in onboarding time


Increase in onboarding volume


Reduction in false positives

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