Challenges with
B2B Onboarding


Data Management

B2B onboarding involves collecting, managing, and scrutinizing large amounts of data in the form of contracts, documents, certifications etc. and this often leads to an mismanagement due to improper utilization of resources or lack of infrastructure to store.


Evolving Regulations

Companies in today’s day and age have to deal with changing regulations over time and across geographies making it difficult for them to keep up with the


UBO & PSC Detection

Most existing systems fail to accurately identify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and Persons with Significant Control (PSC) for business entities resulting in increased risk of fraud


Integration with Existing Systems

Most compliance solutions do not integrate well with company’s existing systems resulting in increase in time taken to onboard entities

Why Companies Rely On KYC Hub For
B2B Onboarding

Simplify Complex Onboarding Processes with KYC Hub
Identify & Verify Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs)
Leverage Risk Policy & Risk Rating Engine
Tailored Onboarding Workflows for Global Compliance