Customisable Screening & Monitoring Process

KYC Hub’s AML Screening and Monitoring solution screens for better accuracy, allowing contextual and fuzzy matching, entity resolution, aliases and associations. With our Screening and Monitoring solution, you can onboard customers with ease without having to worry about violating sanctions. Our intuitive screening process and AML checks tracks global sanction lists and adverse media to give you accurate and timely risk assessment.

Best in Class AML Screening & Monitoring Designed To Help You Scale Up

Exhaustive AML Screening

Our solution helps you comply with regulations by identifying individuals and entities on various watchlists. You can now automate AML screening and monitoring against live real-time data. Get access to up-to-date datasets and 1000s of sanction lists across 200+ countries. Better fraud detection through daily updates and continuous monitoring.


Authenticate Your
Customers & Partners With Ease

Build your own Customer Due Diligence (CDD) program with KYC Hub. Screen their identity documents, check against sanction lists, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), and other dynamic global lists. Set up a custom onboarding process for your customers and ensure that you are safeguarded against money laundering.


Continuous Monitoring &
AML Alerts

Receive instant notification alerting you about changes to the risk status of the entities you monitor with actionable insights to avoid non-compliance. Using our state-of-the-art risk-based due diligence approach, you will be alerted of changes in a customer's risk profile in real-time so that you can take proactive action.


Global Adverse Media

A sophisticated and advanced media intelligence system to help you track and monitor adverse news about individual and corporate clients , while suggesting specific topics to follow. Screen against sanctions, PEPs, and global watchlists. Leverage our proprietary contextual matching and entity resolution algorithms to only receive relevant alerts and avoid false positives.


Screening for Watchlists,
Sanctions, and PEPs
AML Checks

AML checks can help you to keep up with anti-money laundering checks and have enhanced due diligence measures for spotting financial crimes or illegally obtained funds. KYC Hub assists you in following money laundering regulations and keeping an eye on global AML watchlists, sanctions list, and PEPs.


Increase Operational Efficiency and Stay Compliant and Secure Always

Automated screening processes designed to help you save time and scale faster. Simple API integrations to optimize turnaround time. Reviews are faster than ever with intelligent monitoring to reduce false positives and minimize costs and efforts. KYC Hub helps you focus on security and compliance and safeguarding your company against bad actors and ever-changing regulations.