Financial Crime Customer Lifecycle Risk Management With Workflow Automation

KYC Hub‘s Workflow Automation tackles complex financial crime lifecycle management challenges with a tailored, scalable approach. Leveraging AI, automation, and a no-code approach, it enables the automation of repetitive actions, reduces manual effort and cost, and streamlines compliance. Enhance user experiences, and boost the efficiency of operational risk management with KYC Hub’s comprehensive solution.

Delight Good Customers with Seamless flows

Leverage KYC Hubs automation tool to craft personalized user journeys with specific success and failure conditions for each step. Achieve customer delight through efficient onboarding, monitoring and case management processes through workflow intelligent automation.


No-Code Customization

No-code customization streamlines workflow automation by enabling effortless changes, seamless integration with verification systems, and rapid deployment of updates for increased efficiency and adaptability.


Dynamic Customer Risk Assessment

Leverage KYC Hub’s extensive risk engine to create and implement custom conditions for effective customer segmentation, thresholds, and enhanced due diligence. Achieve superior decision-making and risk assessment through a unified approach that replaces complicated isolated flows.


Seamlessly Integrate with verification services

Integrate with KYC Hub’s extensive number of global verifications and tools, as well as your existing verification providers.


Automated Decisioning to make better and faster decisions

Leverage KYC Hub’s AI-based decision engine to to process low-risk customers and define manual intervention triggers. Use our AI assistant to prioritize alerts and improve your compliance team’s efficiency


Managed Services

In order to further ease your compliance burden, KYC Hub can provide you with managed services. Easily onboard, verify, and monitor your customers without the extra burden that comes from hiring and training a team


Why Workflow Automation?

Organizations struggle with complex customer lifecycle management processes that involve numerous manual tasks, fragmented systems, and a lack of customization options. This leads to inefficiencies, increased operational costs, and difficulties in meeting compliance requirements. KYC Hub’s Workflow Automation Solution provides a robust, scalable, and adaptable way to streamline the entire user journey, enhance user experiences, and ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.