Contextually Relevant Adverse
Media News At Your Fingertips

KYC Hub leverages AI-based adverse media screening that consolidates data from over a million sources and multiple languages, including but not limited to news media, blogs, corporate websites, and research portals. This unique approach coupled with context detection, delivers the most relevant insights about the entities you deal with and their associates.


Contextual Intelligence & Actionable Insights

Media Intelligence leverages contextual analysis to understand and prioritize millions of articles, guaranteeing that they are contextually pertinent to entities and topics. It then delivers actionable insights and easily digestible summaries.

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Streamline Risk Management
Approach with Decision

Companies can optimize and streamline their risk management processes by following a risk-based approach leveraging decision automation. Collect, breakdown, and analyze data on potential risks while evaluating their likelihood and impact. Use decision automation to come up with an appropriate response. Companies can now prioritize risks and use resources effectively.