Revolutionize Identity Verification with
Automated AI-Powered Solution

Transform your identity verification process with KYC Hub’s automated AI-powered solution. Discard manual verification processes and leverage liveness tests, identity fraud detection, full audit trails, and age verification to tackle identity frauds during onboarding.


Facial Biometrics & Liveness Check

Our sophisticated algorithms extract customer’s image from their ID and information to verify if they are who they claim. Our AI/ML solution tracks eye movements, performs texture and surface analysis, and video detection to accurately distinguish live photos from clips or photographs to deter fraudsters.

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Detect Identity Frauds &
Tampered Docs

Our ID verification solution uses advanced anti-spoofing technology to quickly and accurately detect any attempts at tampering with uploaded photos and videos, deep fakes, and presentation attacks. By scanning government and national databases, we can determine the authenticity of provided IDs within seconds, helping to protect your business against fraud.

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Benefits of KYC Hub’s Identity Verification Software

Deliver seamless and state-of-the-art customer experience anytime, everytime!

Mitigating Fraud Risk with a Superior and
Streamlined Identity Verification Process

By harnessing digital identity verification, KYC Hub enables institutions to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activities associated with remote customer interactions. From the platform's facial biometric verification feature that employs cutting-edge facial comparison technology to ascertain that the person presenting the identification matches the individual on the identification document to offering an effortless and straightforward means of mobile image capture and data extraction, bypassing the need for cumbersome manual data entry, KYC Hub does it all with unparalleled efficiency and efficacy.