Advanced Customer Lifecycle and KYC Solutions
for Indian Businesses

KYC Hub delivers advanced digital KYC in India solutions for businesses, featuring automated workflows, API-based integration, and hosted solutions. Our comprehensive suite streamlines customer onboarding with AI-powered identity verification, biometric authentication, and electronic document signing. By minimizing manual intervention and ensuring seamless integration, KYC Hub reduces human errors and simplifies the customer identification process for companies across India.

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AI-Powered Identity Verification for Fast & Accurate Onboarding

Our AI-powered online know your customer, and identity verification solution utilizes advanced technology to swiftly verify customer identities. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and real-time data analysis, we ensure that customer identities are authenticated with precision and efficiency, allowing businesses to save time and reduce the risks associated with manual verification. With an advanced face-match algorithm, detect fake ids and reduce false positives by 90%, therefore enabling seamless customer onboarding while reducing the cost by 80% and improving customer satisfaction.


Identification Documents That We Verify


Aadhaar OKYC

Streamline and expedite your onboarding process using Aadhaar-compliant, paperless XML, and digitally confirm customer identities with KYC Hub's sophisticated Aadhaar API verification solutions, ensuring full compliance with regulatory bodies such as RBI and SEBI.


Video KYC for India

KYC Hub's liveness detection technology streamlines the self onboarding process and supports video-based customer identity verification. Utilizing AI-powered liveness tests, our system compares customers' faces to their ID documents through video and image analysis, effectively reducing the threat of identity theft and biometric forgery, all while maintaining complete compliance with all regulatory requirements.


PAN Card Authentication

Leveraging KYC Hub's India-centric APIs, businesses can seamlessly authenticate PAN cards by cross-checking essential details like name and date of birth, confirming the format's precision, validating the PAN number, and carrying out accurate photo and image verification.


Biometric Authentication for Enhanced Security

KYC Hub's biometric authentication solution offers an added layer of security for businesses and customers. Our system integrates facial recognition and fingerprint scanning to create a secure and user-friendly authentication experience. By utilizing biometric data, we can minimize the risk of identity fraud and ensure that your customer data remains secure.


Electronic Document Signing for Streamlined Processes

Our electronic document signing solution simplifies the KYC process by enabling businesses and customers to securely sign and submit documents online. This paperless solution not only saves time but also reduces the environmental impact of traditional document processing. With legally binding signatures and secure storage, you can trust KYC Hub to handle your sensitive information with care.


Financial Verifications for India

Harness KYC Hub's powerful API technology for swift document verification and account ownership validation. Optimize your payout rates and decrease reversals and failed transfers, all while ensuring top-tier data security with KYC Hub.

  • 01EPF Authentication
  • 02Bank Statement Analyzer API
  • 03Passbook API
  • 04Account Verification API
  • 05Account Monitoring API
  • 06VPA Validation API
  • 07Cancel Cheque OCR

Corporate Verifications for India

KYC Hub provides business APIs that enable small, medium, and large Indian enterprises to engage with their customers in real time. Partner with us to verify the legitimacy of your customers and reduce the risk of financial fraud.


Employee Verifications

KYC Hub provides powerful APIs that enable corporations to efficiently verify employees during the onboarding process. With KYC Hub, you can authenticate employees' true identities and conduct real-time fraud checks to minimize the risk of financial crime.

  • 01EPF Authentication
  • 02EPF Employment Search
  • 03Form 16 Verification
  • 04Form 16 OCR
  • 05ESIC Authentication
  • 06Employee Verification Advanced
    and many more….

Adaptable Solutions for a Wide Range of Industries

KYC Hub's online KYC verification solutions are versatile and can be easily integrated into various industries, including banking, fintech, insurance, and e-commerce. Our scalable solutions are tailored to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring that you can provide a seamless and secure onboarding experience to your customers, regardless of your industry.


Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Our KYC online verification solutions are designed to comply with the latest regulatory requirements in India, including guidelines set forth by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and other regulatory bodies. By choosing KYC Hub, you can be confident that your business is adhering to the necessary regulations, while safeguarding customer data and privacy.


Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

KYC Hub's digital KYC India solutions can be easily integrated into your existing systems and processes, providing a smooth transition for your business. Our APIs, SDK, and hosted solutions are designed for seamless connectivity, ensuring that you can enhance your customer onboarding process without any disruptions. You can tailor your verification and compliance processes for the Indian market with our India-specific APIs