Tailored Solutions for Fintechs to Mitigate Risks & Ensure Compliance

As Fintech companies face heightened exposure to regulatory requirements, sanctions, and legal actions, it is imperative for them to remain vigilant against potential risks and remain adaptable to changing regulatory requirements. KYC Hub understands these challenges and offers a comprehensive compliance solution designed specifically for Fintechs. Our solution includes quick and efficient verification systems as well as AML screening solutions, positioning Fintechs to confidently enter their growth phase. By partnering with KYC Hub, Fintechs can navigate the complex regulatory landscape and ensure compliance, ultimately enhancing their reputation and securing their success.

Compliance Platform for Fintechs to Meet Global Regulatory Demands and Scale for Future Growth

Swift & Secure Customer Onboarding

Eliminate chances of fraud during customer onboarding while also ensuring a quicker onboarding experience. Biometrics, liveness checks, and more to reduce onboarding time to minutes.


Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives by generating richer insights through our data driven approach. KYC Hub's advanced entity resolution and network analysis techniques ensure precise matching for raised alerts


Ongoing Monitoring & Instant Alerts Delivering 24/7 Compliance

KYC Hub offers solutions designed to deliver 24/7/365 compliance. Get instant alerts and notification on change of risk profiles of individuals and entities.. Stay compliant throughout the customer’s lifecycle with KYC Hub


Monitor Transactions With Ease

Leverage KYC Hub to continuously monitor and analyze suspicious transactions through a risk based approach and stay compliant with regulations


Configurable Risk Based Approach

Screen new customers for money laundering risk by checking sanctions, watchlists, crime lists, PEPs, and adverse media. Utilize hundreds of attributes to assess risks during customer onboarding.


Optimize Costs With Our Integrated Solution

With frictionless customer onboarding and seamless integrations, FinTech's can now aim towards optimizing their costs and achieve operational efficiency


Streamlining Compliance Processes For Fintech

Compliance is a fundamental aspect of any fintech's operations, but it need not come at the expense of customer experience or operational efficiency. FinTech's must prioritize reducing customer friction and costs while adhering to compliance standards. KYC Hub’s dynamic workflow is an effective means of streamlining compliance procedures, saving valuable time and resources.

Robust fraud prevention measures and robust data security are also critical components of a fintech's compliance solution. Rapid integration with global compliance APIs is essential for driving international expansion. KYC Hub’s highly configurable and bespoke compliance solution is customized to cater to your specific fintech requirements. You can onboard customers quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing compliance or customer experience, with our solution.


Compliance Solution For The Fintech Ecosystem

KYC Hub provides tailored compliance solutions for crowdfunding platforms, corporates with global supply chains, and lenders. Our solutions enable quicker verification, AML screening, and identification of risky entities with adverse media intelligence. Stay compliant and secure with instant alerts on changes in risk status.

Our Global KYC Checks and Dynamic Workflows solutions empower large corporates with global supply chains to identify risky entities with unsavory reputations, ESG violations, or upcoming litigation, ensuring up-to-date views and compliance throughout the customer lifecycle.



Reduction in onboarding time


Increase in onboarding volume


Reduction in operating costs

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