Below is our policy for citing KYC Hub data in the public domain (including by customers, partners, and media outlets). All use of such data must be in accordance with this policy. This policy does not apply to any content or data provided by KYC Hub’s partners; all such data is subject to the respective partner’s policies.

Types of KYC Hub Data That Can Be Published

Public Data Points

You may publish KYC Hub data that has been put into the public domain by an authorized party, as outlined in this policy. These include data from the KYC Hub blog, KYC Hub press releases, articles in the media that cite KYC Hub data, and KYC Hub social media posts.

Non-public Data Points

KYC Hub data not put into the public domain as explained above may not be published unless you have obtained explicit approval from KYC Hub (


In general, you may publish rankings or ranking-related metrics, provided that the above conditions have been met.

Entire Reports

KYC Hub blog posts, reports, and slide decks are protected by copyright and may not be republished in their entirety. If you want to publish more than one-quarter of the content from a given KYC Hub report, you must obtain prior approval from KYC Hub as outlined above.

How to Cite KYC Hub Data or Reports


When publishing KYC Hub data, you must clearly indicate the specific KYC Hub blog post or report, as applicable. You must include the appropriate KYC Hub URL. If you are citing KYC Hub social media posts, please provide a link or abbreviated link to that source. If you cite KYC Hub data together with other data, including your own, you must indicate clearly which data points came from which source.


If you are publishing screenshots of KYC Hub tables, charts, or other content that are in the public domain, then the KYC Hub logo must be clearly visible in the screenshots.


When quoting KYC Hub content or analyses that are available in the public domain, quotes should be used in full context and preserve the original intended meaning. The source should be the specific KYC Hub blog post, report, or press release along with the appropriate KYC Hub URL. For KYC Hub commentary that has not already been published in the public domain, you may quote only official company spokespersons with their approval. Such officials include members of the executive team and Business Development leaders at the VP level or higher.


Any KYC Hub data or analysis about an app, publisher, or app store does not represent an endorsement by KYC Hub, nor should they be cited in such a way as to imply that. In addition to this policy, your use of any KYC Hub data, metrics, or reports is governed by KYC Hub’s Terms of Service.

This policy is subject to revision from time to time. If you have any questions, please contact KYC Hub at