Comprehensive Assessment of Customer Risk

KYC Hub's Customer Risk Rating solution delivers a comprehensive, data-driven approach to assess customer risk. Integrating diverse data sources and leveraging industry-specific templates, our dynamic system continuously updates risk ratings in line with regulatory changes. Clients benefit from actionable insights, confidently managing potential threats and making informed decisions.

Revolutionize Risk Management with KYC Hub’s Comprehensive Customer Risk Rating Engine

Configurable Risk Scoring

Combine your customers’ static, behavioural, and profile data from across the system to come up with a dynamic risk score for your clients. Include data from internal and external sources to arrive at a customized risk score


Pre-Defined Templates for Risk Assessment

Using a predefined template for risk assessment, customer risk rating offers a snapshot of all the risk factors present, enabling organizations to quickly identify and assess potential threats. Streamline your approach to customer risk evaluation by utilizing these standardized templates tailored to specific industries, use cases or scenarios.


Supplement Expert Judgement with AI

KYC Hub’s risk rating models constantly learn from expert user and investigators’ feedback in order to correctly classify users with respect to risky behaviour and transactions.


Continuously Updated Dynamic Risk Scores

With the customer risk rating system, FIs and banks can rest assured that that the risk ratings are current and based on current information and user behaviour, as well as the latest sanctions, PEP, watchlists, and adverse media updates


Detect Network Risk

KYC Hub’s Customer Risk Rating capable of detecting network risk through an extensive knowledge graph of high rish individuals and entities that is updated continuously. This feature allows for more accurate risk assessments based on an individual's relationships and associations and proximity relationship to high risk individuals and corporates .