Challenges with pKYC


Data Privacy Concerns

Most companies face challenges and fall short of complying with changing AML regulations and guidelines. The problems get magnified when companies manage customers across geographies.


Technology Limitations

Lack of access to watchlists and inefficient processes involved in screening against sanctions exposes companies to regulatory fines and potential bad actors within their systems.


High Cost of Implementation

Doing manual screening and onboarding leads to more resources being deployed in order to be thorough often leading to poor operational efficiencies.


Effect On Customer Experience If Not Handled Properly

Inherent business risks and potential frauds arising due to the presence of bad actors and relationships.

Why Companies Rely On KYC Hub For
Perpetual KYC

Advanced Algorithms and Real Time Monitoring
Fully Customizable Identity Infrastructure
Reduced Latency of Re-verification
Continuous Reporting For Regulatory Compliance