Streamline Compliance and Mitigate Risks with KYC Hub's Advanced Compliance Case Management & Reporting

KYC Hub's advanced compliance case Management & reporting solution is designed to help organizations effectively manage their compliance processes while mitigating potential risks. The solution offers configurable workflows that ensure a streamlined approach to case management, allowing compliance officers to assign cases to analysts based on predefined criteria. By conducting thorough compliance checks and generating jurisdiction-based risk scores, businesses can proactively identify potential risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.

Comprehensive and Efficient
Case Management & Reporting

Dynamic Cases Assignment and Decision Management

Create and auto-assign cases to specific users based on defined criteria, enabling managers to monitor open cases, assign tasks to analysts/investigators, and track progress in real-time. Efficiently manage case decisions for applicants who have been rejected and need to undergo the process again, ensuring seamless operations while maintaining a high level of compliance.


Crime Flagging and Documentation

KYC Hub’s case management solution flags and documents reported crimes through risk assessments, empowering businesses to identify potential risks and take appropriate actions to mitigate them. Customize the investigation process to suit your organization's needs, streamlining case reviews, approvals, and reporting at every stage.


Automated Decisioning in Case Management

Automated decisioning in case management revolutionizing the way organizations handle intricate compliance tasks and risk evaluations. Our Artificial Intelligence-driven analytics and real-time data enable effective case prioritization and resource allocation, fostering a comprehensive and well-coordinated approach to customer due diligence and regulatory compliance.


Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)

KYC Hub's Case Management streamlines SAR generation for potential money laundering activities. Automating reporting and communication with authorities, it ensures timely, accurate compliance and reinforces a robust AML framework.


Comprehensive Compliance Checks

KYC Hub's Case Management and Reporting solution provides a thorough compliance check for entire organizations, ensuring adherence to industry regulations and minimizing potential risks.


Proactive Notifications & Integrations

Leverage APIs to integrate with other systems, enabling proactive notifications via email, messages, and more, keeping all stakeholders informed and up-to-date.