Reducing False Positives and Enhancing Customer Experience in Payments

The last few years gave the payments industry massive growth opportunities in cross-border payments resulting in an almost explosive growth in cross-border finance in addition to challenges around frauds, terrorist financing, and other financial crimes. The slow cumbersome onboarding processes coupled with false positives have also resulted in higher drop-offs and poor customer satisfaction.

KYC Hub solves this problem by helping payment companies customize their customer onboarding processes to give a faster cost-effective solution that delivers a pleasant customer experience in addition to reducing false positives.

Regulatory Compliance Solution To Foster Growth In Payment Companies

Seamless & Secure Onboarding

State-of-the-art Identity Verification and Global KYC Onboarding solutions help you create delightful onboarding experiences. Screen against sanction lists, watch lists, PEPs, and Adverse Media and stay ahead of frauds.


Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives by generating richer insights through our data driven approach. KYC Hub's advanced entity resolution and network analysis techniques ensure precise matching for raised alerts


Risk Based Classification

Our AI/ML-based Risk Rating Engine classifies customers into distinct risk categories by taking into account hundreds of attributes, behaviors, relationships, and adverse media intelligence.


Real Time Updates & Alerts

Get instant notifications about changes in the risk status of an individual or corporate entity. KYC Hub helps you continuously screen your clients against thousands of watchlists across the globe and calculates customer risk rating.


Ongoing Payment Screening

Our AI-powered monitoring scans for suspicious activity against updated sanctions and watchlists. The ability to do segmentation by payment and risk provides precise and scalable risk detection, keeping you ahead of threats.


Detect Hidden Connections & Risk

Continuous scanning of watchlists, sanctions, adaptive risk scoring coupled with an advanced adverse news system allows you to select and follow topics and define complex topic clusters.


Fight Fraud With Ease & Deliver Great Customer Experiences

The payments industry must prioritize regulatory compliance and threat detection alongside revenue and growth. To combat cyber threats and fraud, a multi-layered cybersecurity approach and AI-driven tools for fraud detection and compliance are crucial.

Our AI/ML based identity verification platform enhances match rates and detects fraud during onboarding, delivering a seamless customer experience. Additionally, our customized compliance workflows create a secure digital commerce environment while optimizing KYC processes and keeping pace with regulatory changes, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.



Reduction in False Positives


Reduction in Alerts Closing Time


Reduction in Operating Costs

Digital bank cuts costs and boosts efficiency with KYC Hub, solving AML compliance issues.

Top digital bank AML compliance with KYC Hub while expertly managing 5M+ transactions annually.

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