Efficient Financial Crime Lifecycle

OpsFlow significantly reduces manual effort, streamlines operations, and improves the efficiency of compliance and risk operations while reducing costs

No-code workflow

User-friendly, no-code interface using intelligent building blocks enables easy workflow creation through drag and drop. Model events, triggers, tasks, and more to create workflows from scratch or utilize templates from the library. Test and deploy workflows to production without needing to write any code.


Intelligent Orchestration

Effortlessly integrate with KYC Hub's comprehensive suite of solutions including global KYC, KYB, AML, and transaction monitoring. Our simple interface also allows integration with existing providers' APIs. Experience the power of streamlined integration with KYC Hub.

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Automate decisions and

Transform your operations with KYC Hub's AI, data sources, and RPA-enabled workflows, automating decisions and triggers through real-time monitoring and intelligent rule-based detection. Safeguard your organization and stakeholders from fraudulent activity and financial losses with ease.


Advanced Risk Rating Engine

KYC Hub’s advanced risk rating engine offers a sophisticated and holistic approach to evaluating potential risks associated with individuals or corporate entities by analyzing over 150 risk factors, including profile, transaction behavior, and data from both internal and external sources. Integration of diverse data sources and continuous updates in line with regulatory changes ensure that you receive timely and actionable insights.

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Seamless Reporting and
Case Management

The comprehensive Alert Prioritization and Advanced Case Management system streamlines compliance processes with automated alert handling, configurable case assignment, and robust reporting. KYC Hub's solution enables organizations to proactively mitigate risks while maintaining efficient operations and high compliance standards.


Don’t Want To Create Workflows
Leverage Existing Ones

Select from our expansive library of 100+ workflow templates spanning multiple industries and use cases. Easily customize pre-existing templates by copying and editing to meet your unique needs. Experience the power of streamlined workflow management and enhance your operational efficiency.

Exhaustive Services


Database Verification

Address, email, phone numbers, government database verification and more.


Global KYC

APIs for global IDV, facial biometrics, Video KYC, Liveness.


Form Builder

Effortlessly create custom fields with our user-friendly form builder.


Decision Engine

Streamline your account opening process by defining review rules, STP steps, and thresholds for segments and risk buckets.


Anti Money Laundering

Screen against global sanctions lists, watchlists, PEP, RCA while tracking adverse news and complying with AML regulations.


Advanced OCR

Intelligent system for effortless document processing: authenticity detection, OCR, and trainable models.

Why Leverage KYC Hub’s OpsFlow

OpsFlow offers a modular and configurable platform expertly crafted to elevate your compliance and risk operations. Experience unparalleled efficiency with its no-code interface and workflow builders, enabling seamless multi-user collaboration. Harness the power of 100+ templates, exceptional scalability, and effortless KYC Hub integration. Benefit from rapid deployments, enhanced security through the secure enclave feature, and the flexibility to adapt to your unique needs. Trust OpsFlow to transform your operations, reducing costs and manual effort while delivering outstanding results.