Robust Verification Process for Regulatory Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your business with our comprehensive verification process. Detect UBOs and screen against global watchlists, government documents, registries, and negative media lists to mitigate the risk of financial crimes. Onboard customers swiftly and securely with our solution.


Make Informed Risk Decisions & Save Time by Streamlining Your Due-Diligence Process

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your corporate clients with our 360-degree platform that scans thousands of data sources. Our platform goes beyond basic company information, offering insights on key shareholders, owners, associates, links, and jurisdictions. Our high-quality data tracks negative news and changes in the corporate landscape, enabling an adaptive risk-based approach to ongoing due diligence and helping you stay compliant and protect your reputation.


Offering A Gamut Of KYB Checks &

KYC Hub’s market leading due diligence processes and access to 100s of global checks ensure that
your brand’s integrity is protected and safeguarded from penalties and frauds.

Automated Know Your Business (KYB) and Due Diligence Process For Swift Onboarding & Global Compliance

Automated Swift Onboarding

Simplify complex corporate onboarding processes and perform due diligence on your corporate clients, partners, and suppliers faster. Verify documents and drill down into corporate ownership structures, UBOs and financials in one place.

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UBO Detection & Verification

Identify and verify Ultimate Beneficiary Owners (UBO) and beneficiaries using a wide range of checks to prevent fraud and ensure compliance. KYC Hub’s AI driven compliance processes scans corporate documents to ensure adherence to country or local jurisdictions.


Customisable Know Your Business (KYB) Workflow

Remove manual intervention and tailor your screening program to your needs. With KYC Hub, configuring and modifying workflows has never been easier. Set up flows that suit complement your processes and reduce exposure to money laundering and other illicit activities.


Powerful Insights, Red Flags, and Advanced Alerts

Stay informed with real-time alerts of changes in corporate structure, ownership, financial data and writings. Monitor corporate risks proactively using our Media Intelligence.

KYC Hub merges and enhances data from corporate registries with adverse media and other relevant insights, delivering unique insights through advanced machine learning and uncovering connections and context.


Risk Policy & Risk Rating Engine

Configure multiple factors based on your organisation’s use case. Get dynamically updated risk scores based on changes in customer profile and transactions. Leverage different risk policies to onboard different customer segments. Enhanced AML and fraud detection to improve effectiveness of your compliance infrastructure.