Tackle Trade Based Money Laundering With KYC Hub

Trade-based money laundering has seen momentous growth in the last few years and has become a popular method for laundering illicit funds. Difficulty in detecting trade-based money laundering has been further exacerbated by the rise of digital currencies. KYC Hub’s advanced verification solutions for verifying suppliers and financiers involved in international trade finance help companies deal with TBML. With our intuitive Adverse Media Intelligence tool, companies can now track negative news from millions of articles across multiple languages and platforms.

Why Trust KYC Hub?

Scan against Watchlists, Sanctions and PEPs

Do a comprehensive check on who you work with by scanning against global watchlists, sanctions and PEPs to ensure that your business is safeguarded.


Negative News Tracking

Leverage KYC Hub to analyse and aggregate insights from millions of articles from thousands of news media, blogs, and portals in multiple languages. Get easily digestible summaries & actionable insights


Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives effectively by flagging only suspicious customers and transactions. Leverage KYC Hub’s decision automation processes to further optimize your processes


Detect Complex Connections

Safeguard your international trade business by drilling into an entity or individual’s network to explore the full length of relationships across jurisdictions.


Streamlining Document Processing

KYC Hub’s OCR tech can help trade finance companies reduce time for document processing. IDP couples OCR with AI and ML to further improve data extraction accuracy from trade finance documents.


Improve Efficiency Through Workflow Automation

KYC Hub’s workflow automation can help trade finance companies improve onboarding process for suppliers and vendors by automating verification process. It can auto-update customer risk ratings and flag suspicious transactions.



Reduction in False Positives


Reduction in Alerts Closing Time


Reduction in Operating Costs

Digital bank cuts costs and boosts efficiency with KYC Hub, solving AML compliance issues.

Top digital bank AML compliance with KYC Hub while expertly managing 5M+ transactions annually.

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