Configurable and Efficient Approach To Compliance

Leverage KYC Hub’s Dynamic Workflows’ customizable and adaptable approach to onboarding and verification. Experience a comprehensive toolkit that allows full customization of onboarding process with pre-built templates, custom questionnaires, and AI assisted streamlining. Maintain flexibility with manual overrides and monitor onboarding process with real-time alerts in a centralized platform.

Quickly Adapt to Shifting Compliance and Regulatory Landscape

Financial crime risks and regulations constantly evolve, requiring organizations to swiftly adapt to these changes. It's crucial to have no-code configurability and the capacity to modify workflows, rules, and parameters without relying on IT resources, thus saving time and enabling rapid implementation.


Scale Securely

KYC Hub’s Dynamic Workflow is designed to scale with the growth of your business. As your organization grows the platform can adapt to accommodate entry to new markets or business lines. Ensure rapid customer conversion and adoption without skyrocketing costs and manual effort


Create Custom Journeys for different use cases

Build end to end workflows without writing a single line of code. Use KYC Hub’s no-code journey builder - OpsFlow, and integrate with internal and external verification services seamlessly


Event based triggers

Move past periodic checks and overlooked risks by using advanced workflow triggers, enabling event-based, risk-based, or threshold-based triggers as well as perpetual monitoring


Collect and Verify any Type of Information

Include custom questionnaires to gather the information most applicable to your use case and risk metrics. Choose which data and information to verify and configure steps and thresholds. Detect fraud at every step of the process


Integrate Pre-built and Configurable Journeys

KYC Hub’s Dynamic Workflows offer a combination of pre-built journeys and customizable elements as well as ability to create new workflows. These elements can be reused across multiple workflows, promoting efficiency, reducing redundancy, and enabling businesses to complete their


No-code configuration

Manage and configure all the different aspects of customer compliance and risk lifecycle journey with simple integration, out-of-the-box and configurable workflows, and no need for coding


Why Dynamic Workflows?

Organizations struggle with inflexible and time-consuming processes that lack customization options, making it difficult to modify steps, create custom workflows, or implement pre-built templates for various use cases. This leads to inefficient management of onboarding progress, frustration from incomplete applications, and an inability to receive real-time alerts for verification status. The absence of a single, integrated platform to manage these processes results in inconsistent user experiences and difficulties in gathering necessary information from users during onboarding. This is where KYC Hub’s Dynamic Workflows come in.