AI-Driven Crypto Compliance Solutions to Tackle Frauds

Crypto exchanges, wallets, DeFi, and other Web3 companies face strict CFT/AML regulations, often similar to other financial institutions. The need of the hour is for crypto companies to accurately identify every beneficiary and sender and to ensure that there are no illegal activities.

KYC Hub's AI-driven compliance solutions are designed to prohibit KYC crypto fraud and money laundering in virtual transactions with automated solutions that are scalable anytime and anywhere.

Stay Up-To-Date With Crypto Regulations

Swift Customer Onboarding

Simplify customer onboarding by managing sanctions, PEPs, and high-risk clients without requiring bank intervention. Enhance customer experience by minimizing onboarding friction and making it hassle-free.


Reduce False Positives

Drastically reduce false positives by generating richer insights through our data driven approach. KYC Hub's advanced entity resolution and network analysis techniques ensure precise matching for raised alerts.


Spot Red Flags With Ease

Crypto firms can now mitigate the risk of money laundering by screening against negative press, PEPs, sanctions, and watchlists. Enhanced customer profile with hundreds of attributes can be leverages for risk evaluation.


Ease Of Integration

Code-free integration and single Rest APIs make integrating with KYC Hub a smooth process. Onboard our solution without any hassles irrespective of size & technology capabilities.


Stay Ahead of Fraud At All Times

Get instant notifications about changes in the risk status of an individual or corporate entity. KYC Hub helps you continuously screen your clients against thousands of watchlists across the globe and calculates customer risk rating.


Optimize Onboarding Costs

Automate customer onboarding processes and reduce onboarding costs. Perform ID and identity verification, liveness tests, document verification, and address proof checks without any additional costs.


Compliance Solutions and KYC Processes For Crypto Companies

Crypto wallet services and the corresponding financial transactions require adherence to many regulatory compliance procedures. With guidelines many global crypto regulatory bodies, keeping track of regulatory and guideline changes becomes a daunting task.

With KYC Hub’s crypto KYC solutions, you can ensure that your financial exchanges are protected, compliant, and safeguarded against potential risks. We focus on compliance while you focus on global expansion and growth.



Reduction in False Positives


Reduction in Alerts Closing Time


Reduction in Operating Costs

Digital bank cuts costs and boosts efficiency with KYC Hub, solving AML compliance issues.

Top digital bank AML compliance with KYC Hub while expertly managing 5M+ transactions annually.

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