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Financial Services Industry (both online and legacy) faces the toughest compliance requirements and compromising on speed or security is not an option. We at KYC Hub, with our AI/ML enabled innovative solutions help the industry solve some of its biggest challenges such as streamlining the customer onboarding process while keeping the security as priority through our Global KYC solution, keeping the risk of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing at bay through our AML Monitoring solution and helping you stay compliant 24/7/365 while drastically reducing manual work and false positives. 

Why KYC Hub?

Customer onboarding

Secure Customer Onboarding

Seamless customer onboarding through our online ID and identity verification solution while keeping you completely secure with our innovative face-based Biometrics, video and expression analysis, and Liveness Detection Techniques.

Remote Onboarding

Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives and the manual work associated with resolving false flags by using our advanced KYC and AML solution that uses NLP, entity resolution, and network analysis to alert you of the right risks and red flags

Customer due diligence

Novel and Configurable Risk-Based Approach 

Screen new customers against up-to-date sanctions, watchlists and crime lists, PEPs, and adverse media to reduce the threat of money laundering. Create a complete customer profile based on hundreds of attributes to be utilized for risk assessment during customer onboarding.

Customer monitoring

Stay Compliant 24/7 with Ongoing Monitoring and Instant Alerts

Stay compliant throughout the customer life cycle with KYC Hub's AML Monitoring systems that continuously screen your clients against thousands of watchlists across the globe, calculates customer risk rating in a dynamic adaptive manner, and gives you instantaneous notifications about changes in the risk status of an individual or corporate entity

Transaction Security

Save Cost With Our Integrated Solution

Perform ID and identity verification, liveness tests, document verification, and address proof checks, as well as AML screening and monitoring in one place without the added cost and overhead of multiple vendors

Future proof

Transaction Monitoring

Stay ahead of financial crime with continuous transaction monitoring against frequently updated sanctions and watchlists. You can zero in on suspicious transactions with our AI pattern recognition technology which can be segmented to different payments and risk scenarios, in order to minimize unnecessary alerts.

Financial Services Ecosystem

We cater to the needs of businesses across the Financial Services Ecosystem.

Crowd funding

Crowd Funding

Crowdfunding platforms carry a large risk of money laundering and terrorist financing, thus prone to stricter compliance standards. The platforms need to implement quicker verification systems without compromising the verification standards. KYC Hub's Global KYC solution ensures enhanced due diligence while providing a seamless user experience.



KYC Hub's AML Screening solution will let you make quicker decisions on potential loans by swiftly screening the borrowers against Sanctions, watchlists, PEPs, as well as up-to-date international adverse news. Instant alerts will be generated in case of any change in risk status, so that you can remain compliant and secure throughout the customer lifecycle.

Risky corporates

International Corporates

Large corporates with global supply chains face the threat of money laundering, and indirectly doing business with corrupt entities. KYC Hub's Corporate Due Diligence and Adverse Media Intelligence solutions will enable you to have an up-to-date view of the entity and identify risky corporates with unsavory reputations, ESG violations or upcoming litigation 

Recommended Products and Solutions

Adverse Media

Adverse Media

Utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to garner relevant risk and negative news data based on data feeds from tens of thousands of sources including news channels, media, and blogs.


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AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by monitoring all your customers for anti-money laundering and risky activities throughout their lifecycle and automatically be alerted of any issues



Identity Verification


Enhanced security & perfection in Face verification are given by our Liveliness Detection technology which ensures that the persons are who they say they are.


Customer KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 190+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


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