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Use KYC Hub's cutting edge KYC & AML solutions                                                                    to onboard genuine players and stay ahead of fraud


The Gaming industry is facing an intense competition coupled with increased jurisdiction and regulatory compliance and lack of scalability. Our solutions will enable you to have a smoother onboarding process resulting in increased sign ups, simplified KYC/AML processes aligned with the updated regulatory changes so as to always keep you compliant. Additionally, you can enjoy the comfort of easy scalability exactly when it matters most.

Why KYC Hub?

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

As per the basic requirement of the CDD, it is imperative to identify and verify the player's identity, all while keeping personal data secure.

Age restriction

Age Verification

It is important to verify the age of the onboarded players in order to comply with the geographically varying minimum age requirements.

ID investigation

Code Free Integration

Integrate easily using our seamless integration options including a code-free integration designed for small and busy tech and compliance teams 


Scale Up As You Need

None faces such onboarding spikes as the Gaming industry, especially during big events like the World Cup. Our AI and cloud-based solutions will help you scale up just when it matters most.

Due Diligence

Save Cost With Our Integrated Solution

Perform ID and identity verification, liveness tests, document verification, and address proof checks, as well as AML screening and monitoring in one place without the added cost and overhead of multiple vendors


Spot Red Flags Proactively

Our advanced machine learning and network analytics-based Risk Rating Engine takes into account hundreds of attributes, behaviors, relationships, and adverse media intelligence in order to assess the customer risk on an ongoing and dynamic basis and alert you of trends

Customer Monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring

Continuous AML monitoring for high-risk clients and identification of suspicious gaming and gambling patterns such as re-checking of early withdrawals.

Customer due diligence

Risk-Based CDD

For optimum resource allocation, it is imperative to apply Customer Due Diligence on a Risk sensitive basis.

Recommended Products and Solutions

Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Our transaction monitoring software as a service tool reduces false positives and allows for easy-to-use case management to track and manage alerts and notifications.


Sanctions list

AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by screening all your players for anti-money laundering and terrorist activities.


Identity Verification


Enhanced security & perfection in Face verification are given by our Liveliness Detection technology which ensures that the persons are who they say they are.


Customer KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 180+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


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