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Investment and Asset






Investment and asset management firms have to comply with jurisdiction specific stringent regulatory requirements. This leads to the further increase of already high acquisition costs and negative customer experience due to slower onboarding time. This is due to inadequate and scattered information sources, which leads to an increase in patchy and risky manual work in compliance. KYC Hub's solution for the Investment & Asset Management industry allows you to leverage the power of AI/ML as well as global data insights for quick onboarding of clients by instantly screening them against global lists, detecting hidden risks and connections, and getting up-to-date contextually relevant updates from our adverse media intelligence engine.

Why KYC Hub?


Reduce False Positives and Manual Review

The rule-based manual systems currently used by investment managers for achieving AML compliance has limited capabilities and still demands significant human input and manual review. Use KYC Hub's AI-based automated solution that significantly reduces false positives while exposing otherwise undetectable relationships and connections among entities

On screen monitoring

Ongoing Monitoring Keeps You Compliant 24/7/365

KYC Hub's products continuously scan thousands of watchlists and millions of media articles in multiple languages to give instant alerts about the changes in the risk status of an entity. This will help you monitor the client's AML/CFT risk throughout the entire lifecycle while proactively dealing with issues posed by an increased risk

Future proof

Save Costs With Our End to End Integrated Solution

KYC Hub's AML screening and monitoring solution along with Global KYC and KYB offer a seamless platform to manage compliance and KYC regulations across all individual and institutional clients, integrating them into a fully audited orchestration process

Risk based classification

Instant Alerts And Real-Time Updates

Stay compliant throughout the customer life cycle with KYC Hub's AML Monitoring systems that continuously screen your clients against thousands of watchlists across the globe, calculates customer risk rating in a dynamic adaptive manner, and gives you instantaneous notifications about changes in the risk status of an individual or corporate entity

Customer profile

Stay On Top Of Negative News

Its time to move away from subjective analysis and simplistic rules restricted by a limited number of generic attributes for decision making. Use our advanced contextual adverse media solution to quickly and efficiently investigate individual and corporate entities and be informed of changes, upcoming litigation and charges, and new developments

Future proof

Seamless Integration

KYC Hub's multiple seamless integration options allow our customers regardless of their size and technology capabilities to quickly and smoothly integrate with our tools and start using the solution immediately. Our solution is deployable on cloud or hybrid, and we have options for code-free integration as well as single Rest APIs.

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Document Verification

Corporate Due Diligence

Verify thousands of documents like Passports, Driving licenses, ID cards, Credit/Debit cards, etc. across 190+ countries just in seconds.


Sanctions image

AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by screening all your players for anti-money laundering and terrorist activities.


Transaction Monitoring

Transaction Monitoring

Our transaction monitoring software as a service tool reduces false positives and allows for easy-to-use case management to track and manage alerts and notifications.


Customer KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 190+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


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