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The Payments industry has experienced a tremendous growth in the last few years, but this explosive growth along with increasing velocity and the cross-border nature of payments brought along with it the challenges of Financial Crime, Fraud, Terrorist Financing and a declining customer satisfaction due to slower onboarding processes and unnecessary blockage of payments due false positives that result in a negative customer experience. In order to remain compliant while providing a superior customer experience, KYC Hub enables Payment companies modernize their KYC and AML processes, giving them a faster, better, and more cost effective solution, while providing them a competitive advantage through a pleasant customer experience and reduction of false positives.

Why KYC Hub?

Customer onboarding

Swift and Secure Customer Onboarding

Give your customers a delightful onboarding experience with our state-of-the-art Identity Verification and Global KYC Onboarding solutions. Our solution lets individual customers get themselves verified and onboarded in just a few steps anytime anywhere. Our AML solution screens the customers in real-time against sanction lists, watch lists, PEPs, and Adverse Media.

Risk based classification

Risk-Based Classification of Customers

Customer risk is not constant and customers pose different risks at different times. Our AI/ML-based Risk Rating Engine takes into account hundreds of attributes, behaviors, relationships, and adverse media intelligence in order to classify customers into  distinct risk categories


Reduce False Positives 

Our digital platform and data-first approach allow us to garner additional insights, metadata, and enriched profiles which drastically reduce the occurrence of false positives. Using complex entity resolution and network analysis, KYC Hub ensures a much better match when alerts are raised

Customer due diligence

Detect Complex Connections and Hidden Risks

Continuous scanning of watchlists, sanctions, adaptive risk scoring coupled with an advanced adverse news system that allows you to select and follow topics and define complex topic clusters enables compliance officers to assess and respond to ever-changing complex risks of global trade. 

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts And Real-Time Updates

Stay compliant throughout the customer life cycle with KYC Hub's AML Monitoring systems that continuously screen your clients against thousands of watchlists across the globe, calculates customer risk rating in a dynamic adaptive manner, and gives you instantaneous notifications about changes in the risk status of an individual or corporate entity

Customer monitoring

Ongoing Payment Screening

Stay ahead of financial crime with continuous transaction monitoring against frequently updated sanctions and watchlists. You can zero in on suspicious transactions with our AI pattern recognition technology which can be segmented to different payments and risk scenarios, in order to minimize unnecessary alerts.

Recommended Products and Solutions


Corporate Due Diligence

The Corporate Due Diligence solution entails Know Your Business (KYB), company checks, and extended due diligence on corporates and other legal entities.


sanctions image

AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by screening all your players for anti-money laundering and terrorist activities.


Transaction Monitoring

Payment Screening

Our transaction monitoring software as a service tool reduces false positives and allows for easy-to-use case management to track and manage alerts and notifications.


Global KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 190+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


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