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KYC Crypto Protecting Crypto Exchanges And Much More

In order to prevent platforms from illicit activities like money laundering, and terrorist financing, crypto exchanges and wallets now face the same stricter compliance standards as financial institutions. The platforms must have robust and innovative KYC and AML processes to ensure compliance across juridically varying compliance expectations. Through its range of KYC, AML Screening & Monitoring solutions, KYC Hub ensures enhanced Customer Due Diligence and 24/7 compliance for the crypto services.


Protect Your Crypto Assets

While being newer services, crypto firms and crypto service providers face the same financial risks as all money service businesses. Most crypto exchanges are still the same fundamental exchange as any financial exchange. KYC measures and compliance allow you to protect those cryptocurrency exchanges, as KYC regulations allow you to check a customer's identity to avoid money laundering and other financial crimes.


KYC Processes For Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Financial transactions have a lot of regulatory compliance procedures that need to be considered when offering something such as a crypto wallet service. Financial crimes enforcement network (FinCEN), Financial action task force (FATF), and many other institutions offer a range of guidelines. Still, with crypto KYC, you can have your financial exchanges protected and compliant.

Why KYC Hub?

Customer onboarding

Swift and Secure Customer Onboarding

Give your customers a delightful onboarding experience with our state-of-the-art Identity Verification, KYC Solutions, and AML Onboarding solutions. Our solution lets the client become verified and onboarded in just a few steps anytime, anywhere.

Due Diligence

Spot Red Flags

Screen new customers for sanctions, watchlists, PEPs, and adverse media to reduce the threat of money laundering. Create a complete and enriched customer profile based on hundreds of attributes that can be utilized for risk assessment during customer onboarding and ongoing monitoring.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts 

Stay compliant throughout the customer life cycle as our monitoring systems will be continuously screening your clients against global lists, registries, and adverse news and give you instantaneous notifications in case there is any change in the risk status of an entity.


Reduce False Positives

Reduce false positives and the manual work associated with resolving false flags by using our advanced KYC and AML solution that uses NLP, entity resolution, and network analysis to alert you of the right risks and red flags.

Transaction Security

Instant Alerts 

Perform ID and identity verification, liveness tests, document verification, and address proof checks, as well as AML screening and monitoring in one place without the added cost and overhead of multiple vendors.


Seamless Integration Options

KYC Hub's multiple seamless integration options allow our customers, regardless of their size and technology capabilities, to quickly and smoothly integrate with our tools and start using the solution immediately. Our solution is deployable on cloud or hybrid, and we have options for code-free integration as well as single Rest APIs.

Recommended Products and Solutions


Corporate Due Diligence

The Corporate Due Diligence solution entails Know Your Business (KYB), company checks, and extended due diligence on corporates and other legal entities.


sanctions list

AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by screening all your players for anti-money laundering and terrorist activities.


Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Enhanced security & perfection in Face verification are given by our Liveliness Detection technology which ensures that the persons are who they say they are.


Global KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 180+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is KYC In Crypto?

KYC refers to the process of checking your customer identities to make sure that the transaction is legitimate and legal. Know your customer KYC is a series of procedures ensuring your crypto service follows legal regulations.

Is KYC Needed For Cryptocurrency?

Due to their financial nature, KYC procedures are mandatory for all major crypto exchanges.

Why Do Exchanges Ask For KYC?

This is because they reduce the risk of identity theft, fraud, money laundering, and much more. In the digital age of money, it is more critical now to ensure that the person organizing the transaction is who they say they are.

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