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International Trade



Highly efficient compliance solutions for trade finance



With a huge volume of daily shipments traveling to thousands of customers across the world, the risk of trade-based money laundering (TBML) and non-compliance with international sanctions is growing. KYC Hub's solution for the International trade finance industry enables advanced verification of suppliers and financiers, linkages amongst various parties, and exposes hidden risks and relationships. Our KYS solution enables you to address the hidden risk and relationships amongst importers, exporters, and finances as well as complex corporate structures. Use KYC Hub's Adverse Media Intelligence to supplement your due diligence with negative news from millions of articles. KYC Hub's real-time screening of millions of records enables you to in maintaining a large trade volume with a short turnaround time and the innovative document digitisation process will enable you to ship and finance trade with peace of mind.

Why KYC Hub?


Continuously Scan for Hidden Risks

Continuous scanning of watchlists, sanctions, adaptive risk scoring coupled with an advanced adverse news system that allows you to select and follow topics and define complex topic clusters enables compliance officers to assess and respond to ever-changing complex risks of global trade. 

Unified view

Detect Complex Connections

KYC Hub's solution gives a better insight into customer's activities by providing a unified view of the multiple parties involved in a transaction, enabling the investigators to drill into a customers network and exploring the full extent of relationships and structures across jurisdictions. All these ultimately reduces the processing time to a great extent.

Trade Survelliance

Stay On Top Of Negative News

Its time to move away from subjective analysis and simplistic rules restricted by a limited number of generic attributes for decision making. Use our advanced contextual adverse media solution to quickly and efficiently investigate individual and corporate entities and be informed of changes and new developments

Integration options

Seamless Integration Options

KYC Hub's multiple seamless integration options allow our customers regardless of their size and technology capabilities to quickly and smoothly integrate with our tools and start using the solution immediately. Our solution is deployable on cloud or hybrid, and we have options for code-free integration as well as single Rest APIs.

Due Diligence

Save Cost With Our Integrated Solution

Perform ID and identity verification, liveness tests, document verification, and address proof checks, as well as AML screening and monitoring in one place without the added cost and overhead of multiple vendors

Customer onboarding

Reduce False Positives

Our digital platform and data first approach allows us to garner additional insights, metadata, and enriched profiles which drastically reduce the occurrence of false positives. Using complex entity resolution and network analysis, KYC Hub ensures a much better match when alerts are raised

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Adverse Media

Adverse Media

Utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to garner relevant risk and negative news data based on data feeds from tens of thousands of sources including news channels, media, and blogs.


sanctions image

AML Onboarding & Monitoring

Stay compliant and enjoy peace of mind by screening all your players for anti-money laundering and terrorist activities.


Supplier due diligence

Supplier Due Diligence

Perform mandatory due diligence such as checks against sanctions, watchlists, Adverse Media, etc. on your suppliers.


customer KYC

Global KYC

Achieve real-world identity verification of your customers from across 190+ countries within minutes with the help of a fully automated KYC suite.


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