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KYC Hub offers advanced KYC verification solutions

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KYC Hub offers secure kyc verification of documents as per your preferences, with the fastest and most trusted tools in the industry

Aadhaar Card

✔️ Checks Format Accuracy
✔️ Detects Folded edges
✔️ Checks Forged Cards/Photoshoped
✔️ Detect Blurriness
Aadhar card with abstract
Pan card with abstract

Pan Card

✔️Checks Credential Like Name, DOB, etc.
✔️Format Accuracy
✔️Verify PAN number
✔️Photo/Image Verification


✔️Check Credentials Like Name, DOB, etc.
✔️Checks MRZ Code Format
✔️Check Bar Code (Back)
✔️Accuracy of Format
✔️Detect Blurriness
Passport with abstract
driving license with abstract

Driving License

✔️Checks Format Accuracy
✔️Detects Folded edges
✔️Checks Forged Cards/Photoshoped
✔️Detect Blurriness

Voter ID Card

✔️Checks Credentials Like Name, DOB, etc.
✔️Verify Voter Id Card Number
✔️Verify Address 
✔️Checks Forged Cards/Photoshoped
✔️Photo/Image Verification
✔️Detect Blurriness
Voter id card with abstact

100% Compliant With RBI Guidelines

Complaince inforart

Our Range Of Products

Liveliness Check
Aadhaar offline KYC
Masking of Aadhaar card
Esign of legal agreement

Benefits Of KYC Hub

omni channel

Omni Channel

Identity Verification

ID and Identity Verification

Transaction Security

Best Security and Privacy

ID Fraud

 Identity Fraud Detection

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Video Analysis


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Integrate with KYC Hub and leverage best in class KYC solutions in real-time and reduce cost by 80% with improved customer satisfaction

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